Chair Karolina Ekholm
Karolina is the Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office. She has been a professor at the Department of Economics, Stockholm University, and has previously served as Deputy Governor of the Riksbank and State Secretary at the Ministry of Finance with responsibility for economic analysis and international economic cooperation.

Photo : Sören Andersson / Rickard Kilström

Deputy Chair Jonas Eliasson
Jonas is the director of access to the Transport Agency and guest professor in transport systems at Linköping University. He is also involved in transport and localisation analysis and has previously been professor of transport system analysis at the Royal Institute of Technology and traffic director in Stockholm. His research is concerned with social-economic analysis methods, transport pricing and the interaction between transport system, environment and social development

Member Fredrik Carlsson
Fredrik is professor of Economics at University of Gothenburg. His research focus on the interface between behavioral and environmental economics. In particular exploring aspects such as social preferences, norms and fairness concerns for cooperation and resource conservation.

Foto på Fredrik Carlsson

Member Gissur Erlingsson
Gissur is a professor in political science at Linköping University. His research focuses on public corruption, local democracy, decentralisation, local self-government and issues concerning polarization and place-based resentment.

Gissur Erlingsson

Member Lena Sellgren
Lena is chief economist at Business Sweden. She holds a Licentiate of Philosophy in economics from Lund University. She also holds a civil engineering degree in urban planning. Lena has previously worked as chief analyst at Nordea Markets, head of the division for public finance analysis at the National Institute of Economic Research and at the Ministry of Finance as deputy head of the division for tax policy analysis, among other roles.

Member Marie Torstensson Levander
Marie is professor in Health & Society specialising in Criminology at Malmö University. The focus of her research is to advance the understanding of the causes of crime, aiming to inform the foundation for a more effective crime prevention. Examples of research areas include criminal careers, gender differences in crime, urban crime, and fear of crime.

Bild på Marie

Member Anne Vadasz Nilsson
Anne is Director General at Kammarkollegiet. She has previously been Director General at the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, for nine years. Anne has extensive experience as a civil servant and in working for well-functioning markets in the energy field as well as in competition law and economics, both in Sweden and internationally. She has been working at the Swedish Competition Authority between 2000-2013 holding different positions, among others Head of Department and Deputy Director General. Anne holds a Degree of Master of Laws from Uppsala University.

Bild på Anne Vadasz Nilsson

Member Robert Östling
Robert is a professor of economics at the Stockholm School of Economics. His main research interests are applied microeconomics, behavioral economics and applied game theory. For example, he has studied the effects of wealth shocks by studying Swedish lottery winners and strategic interaction between boundedly rational agents.

Bild på Robert Östling

The experts attached to the Board are the heads of the Ministry of Finance’s Budget Department, Economic Affairs Department and Tax and Customs Department.