About ESO

ESO was established in 1981 as a independent thinktank organized under the ministry of finance. Its assignment was to formulate and seak answers to questions relevant to the public economy. The function was closed down in 2003 but reestablished in december 2007.

ESO works with analytic framworks in connection with future fiscal och socioeconomic challenges. The work is directed my chairperson Karolina Ekholm. The other members in the board represents different disciplins within the faculty of social sciences and the public administration. Adjunct to the board is also three experts. they take part in the board meetings but do not have a vote inte the board descisions.

the board is responsible for the activity and gives the guidelines for the work. This includes, among other things, that the board makes a priority between areas of studies, decides which studies that are to take place and which compleeted studies are to be published the ESO release series.

Each board member is highly active in the work of the board which is shown through suggestions of areas to study, being chairpersons in the reference for specific studies and person of contact to the board for that study. The board can in specific questions delegate their decision-making competence to the office.

The office is responsible for the ongoing work. It includes head of office, research assistents and secretary. the office is engaged in the work of enrolling authors and the authors writingprocess. The office is also part of the process of suggestions of areas to study and setting up project plans ahead of board decisions.